Early Voting: Nov. 30 - Dec. 13


Better Quality of Life

• Create more green spaces for families to spend time with their children.
• Bring District 6 the Recreational Center it deserves.
• Develop more Splash Pads and covered outdoor spaces for the hot summer months.
• Create more bike trails and bike lanes for our robust cyclist community.
• Lower the cost of living and create more affordable housing.
• Partner with stakeholders to build a Children’s Museum and an Arts District.
• Bring an outdoor concert venue to District 6.
• Add extra traffic calming measures to Loop 20 and in our neighborhoods to decrease the amount of motor vehicle accidents and deaths.
• Work to eliminate poverty throughout all of Laredo, causing all of us to rise up.
• Give our sons and daughters a City they want to come home to.

Honest Government

• Implement Checks and Balances within the City Government.
• Adopt an inclusive, transparent, participatory budgeting process that lasts several months.
• Strengthen the City ethics code and its enforcement while providing a strong ethics training program for City employees, including elected officials.
• Have a transparent bidding platform for government contracts.
• Recruit and retain a permanent City Manager who is qualified and committed to Laredo.
• Create a “Leadership Laredo” program that connects our young professionals to the City and fosters collaboration among all sectors of the economy.
• Work to help foster more collaboration across districts. We must dispel the “That’s not my district” attitude on the Council. We are one Laredo, and what helps the South helps the North, and vice versa.

Clean Air and Water

• For once and for all, we must make a serious investment in the future of our water infrastructure in Laredo in a proactive manner, not simply a reaction to every time there is another water boil notice.
• Identify an emergency water source for when the Rio Grande River dries up.
• Invest in “pigging” our water pipes to identify the areas of pipe likely to break next.
• Allocate funds from the 2019 water rate increases appropriately.
• Pledge to not implement any more water rate increases!
• Take every step humanly possible to preserve the Rio Grande for as long as we can as our only source of drinking water.
• Fight for the reduction of Ethylene Oxide in our City’s air.
• Require the use of continuous air monitoring systems for companies that release Ethylene Oxide.
• Advocate to the Texas State Legislature to adopt new laws that require states and private industries to meet national air pollution standards.

Economic Development

• Work with the Trade Community and all stakeholders to identify where the next international trade bridge(s) should be located.
• Make business permits easier to apply for and be efficiently processed. Certificates of occupancy should not take 6 months to get approved.
• Bring a customer service attitude to City Hall when it comes to working with our small businesses and all community business leaders. City employees and all City departments are there to serve and make it easier, not harder, to open a business.
• Work with the Mile One business incubator to expand its services throughout District 6.
• Help create job training programs that diversify the economy with good paying jobs.
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